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Qualification:  To be accepted for training sessions, hikes or home sits with Moxie Mutts, your pup must be healthy, reasonably social, have or acquire sufficient recall, be current on all vaccinations & flu shots, be or plan to be spayed or neutered, & under flea & tick treatment.  All Mutts must also have an up to date license: if expired, owner is responsible for any fines accrued while out on hikes or on a training session.  

Collar/Harness: For your pet’s safety, collars must fit snugly & securely; if your Mutt is able to slip his collar or harness (front-clip preferred), a more suitable one must be provided by the owner.  If the owner does not provide one that fits, one may be purchased by Moxie Mutts & charged to the client.  

Walker Tags: For regular walks, Moxie Mutts will provide your Mutt with a ‘walker tag’ with my company information printed on it, in the event that your Mutt wanders off from the pack & is found.  If you remove this tag from your dog’s collar, it relinquishes Moxie Mutts from responsibility if your dog goes missing during a hike. 

Keys: If regular home access is required, one set of keys must be provided by the owner.

Pick Up Time:  For daily walks, pick up hours vary slightly from day to day for daily walks, but I try to remain consistent within the 2 hour window, which will be listed on your monthly invoice:  please make sure your Mutt is home, ready to go, & collared/harnessed during this time frame - if I arrive & your Mutt is not home during this window, I will call you, but cannot wait more than 5-10 minutes. 

Overnights:  A Sit Request Form is required for every sit request (only asterisked questions need answering for repeat visits).  Overnights start at 6pm and end at 9am each day.  A 20-30 minute walk is included in the morning & evening of your sit. Longer mid-day walks are charged at the usual rate.  

Communications: you will receive an invoice prior to service via email with any pertinent updates, as well as a text message after every hike, training session or home stay. (For sits, if you will be home earlier than stated on your form, please let me know - surprises are not fun if I need to scramble to get out of your home!).

Photos:  photos are regularly taken of your pup & often uploaded to social media:  if you prefer for your Mutt’s pics to NOT be shared, please make sure to let me know. 

Holidays:  Hikes & training sessions are not offered on federal holidays (unless you are a sit client during this time).  Hikes, sits or training agreed upon on a holiday are charged the regular walk/sit rate +$10.   Holidays that fall on a Thursday will most often include the Friday off as well (i.e. Thanksgiving).  I also take approximately 2 weeks of vacation per year, & will give you plenty of advanced notice for these dates, if applicable, & can help you find a substitute if needed. 

Weather:  On days when the weather is especially hot, cold, smoky or rainy, hikes or training sessions may be cut short for the safety of the dogs.  

Payment:  Payment for all services is required in advance:  if payment for an invoice is not received before the 1st day of service, a $25 late fee will be applied.  

Cancellation Policy:  Sit requests cancelled with 2 weeks notice will be refunded in full, & less than 2 weeks notice will receive a refund of half the deposit secured.  Weekly hikes are billed on a monthly flat rate system, which provides a number of ‘free days’ per month/year, so cancellations are not accepted, as you are ‘reserving a spot’ in one of our awesome daily hikes.  Training sessions require 24 hour notice for cancellation. 

Injuries:  I am fully certified in animal first aid & CPR, so if your pet is injured during a hike, sit or training session, I will administer &/or seek immediate & appropriate, professional treatment.  That said, the first choice for medical treatment is your personal vet, so please make sure we have this information on file.  If there is no vet on file, I will take your pet to a local, on call vet in San Francisco. Payment for all vet bills, including the bills of an animal or person injured by your dog, is the owner’s responsibility.  Please note: some of the trails we frequent are inhabited by coyotes, mice, ticks, and foxtails; I do my best to protect your pet on hikes, but if s/he does come into contact with any of these things & needs to be treated, expense for treatment is the owner’s responsibility.

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