Moxie Mutts

Services Offered:​



Service Areas (San Francisco proper):

  • Forest Hill
  • West Portal
  • Mount Davidson
  • Forest Knolls
  • Diamond Heights
  • Cole Valley
  • ​Hayes Valley
  • ​NOPA​
  • Golden Gate Heights
  • ​Monterey Heights
  • MidTown Terrace
  • Glen Park
  • ​Haight-Ashbury
  • Inner Sunset
  • Outer Sunset
  • Inner Richmond
  • Outer Richmond 
  • Parkside
  • Buena Vista
  • Corona Heights
  • Dolores
  • Mission District
  • Miraloma
  • ​Twin Peaks
  • ​Saint Francis Wood
  • Sherwood Forest
  • ​Mount Sutro 
  • Noe Valley
  • Castro
  • ​Basically: West of Van Ness, South of California St., & North of the 280 





Obedience Training:

  • ​Puppy Training
  • Leash Skills
  • Recall
  • Emergency Recall
  • ​Door-Dashing
  • Sit Down
  • Stay / Wait
  • Up / Off
  • Touch
  • Go to Bed
  • Stay on Bed

I provide science-based, force-free, positive reinforcement (R+) training for dogs of every age, size & temperament.  Depending on the type of training you require, I can perform the training session in your home or mine, out on walks or online. Regardless of the type of training you choose, it is essential that YOU are involved in the process. Foundational obedience training typically consists of me training your dog for the majority of the one-hour training session, & I recommend we spend the last 10 minutes or so training you on the behaviors I just trained your dog (if it works for your schedule).  If you purchase a package, the final session is always 'people training', where you (& preferably all members of your family) are coached in detail on how to maintain the behaviors your pup has learned over the course of the previous sessions.  Know this: I cannot FIX your dog - I merely teach sills & lay the foundation for alternate behaviors - it is up to YOU to ensure that the training continues !  If you're willing to put in the work, I can help to improve your dog's behavior while greatly enhancing your relationship with your mutt.

Behavioral Training:

  • Socialization
  • Reactivity
  • Dog-dog / dog-people aggression
  • Specific-case anxiety
  • Desensitization to triggers
  • Counter-Conditioning of learned fears
  • Resource Guarding

Different from obedience training whereby we are teaching your dog 'new tricks', behavioral training addresses behaviors that already exist & require a change in your dog's perspective or emotional response.  If your dog is lunging or barking at other dogs or new people, for example, it is up to us to let your pup know that these recurring stimuli are pleasant things & not scary threats.  If your dog has a negative reaction to loud noises, moving objects or specific types of passersby, it is our job to help change these emotional responses from bad ones to good ones.  In addition to showing you appropriate management techniques, which help you to control your dog's environment in the moment, I can teach you the proper timing, mechanics & counter-conditioning methods required to change how your dog FEELS about the stimuli that bring about these reactions, which is where real behavior change occurs. 

  •  $135: Single Session 1-hour Obedience or Behavioral Training
    • ​package discounts available (See Request Service page)

Separation Anxiety Training:

Does your dog pant & pace when you are preparing to leave the house?  Refuse to eat, destroy furniture, scratch, whine or bark incessantly while you are gone? Act stressed or panicked when you return?  Your dog is not trying to 'get back at you' for leaving her alone, & it is not something she will simply 'get over' any more than you might get over a fear of heights by being dangled from a bridge.  Separation anxiety is a panic disorder, experienced differently by each dog; there is no 'quick fix' & response rates to modification of fear & anxiety-based behaviors vary.  But, when a systematic training plan is established & updated regularly according to your dog's specific needs & response rates, progress WILL happen.  It might seem impossible to you now, but I promise - I can help !

Similar to Associative Behavioral Training methods, Separation Anxiety Training addresses the fear or anxiety your dog feels when left alone, using a very minute, systematic & broken down version of desensitization & counter-conditioning (DS/CC) procedure [called exposure therapy] to change how your dog feels about being left alone. Reliable & consistent application of these micro-steps help your dog to understand that being alone isn't necessarily scary, & systematically build the assurance & understanding that you will never leave her for longer than (s)he can handle & will always come back.  SA packages include daily, step by step training plans, regular feedback, video review, access to a proprietary SA App, & supported with weekly, one-on-one, in depth online guidance sessions:

  • $150: Single session 1-hour online Separation Anxiety Training
  • 4 Week Starter Package: for puppies or dogs who have recently developed SA, causing concern for sustained distress ($540)
  • 6 Week Standard Package: for dogs of all ages who have been experiencing SA for some time & need solid support to nip it in the bud ($765)
  • 8 Week Intense Package: for dogs who have demonstrated SA for an extended period of time and would benefit from sustained, ongoing support ($960)

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​Before ANY training can happen, we'll need to have a Consultation:
In order to understand what kinds of training will best benefit you & your Mutt, I need to meet with you to discuss the behavioral challenges you're facing, & assess how your pup behaves & reacts to various stimuli.  We'll discuss your dog's behavior both in & out of the home, any triggers you perceive, & the body language & mannerisms we both observe. I will provide management techniques for you to use right away, & we'll discuss ways forward in regards to appropriate training options that suit your lifestyle, schedule & personal preferences.  A consultation normally lasts 60 minutes, but I put no time limit on the very important process of getting to know you & your Mutt.

  • $150: 60 minute Obedience Training Consultation & Behavioral Assessment 
  • $165: 60-90 minute Separation Anxiety Consultation & Needs Assessment