​   Qualifications:

  • ​Professional pet care since 2005, specializing in reactivity, behavior modification & city skills, using force-free, positive reinforcement (R+) training​​​​ methods along with the genetic & environmental learning theory of Applied Ethology

  • Certified Separation Anxiety Pro-Trainer (SAPT): Julie Naismith​​

  • Certified in Canine First Aid: DogSafe

  • Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR: PetTech

  • Comprehensive Pet Liability Insurance to cover any kind of accident or mishap, regardless of fault: Pet Sitters Associates Member #70754. 

  • ​Member of ProDog San Francisco: The leading advocacy and membership organization for San Francisco Bay Area professional dog walkers, sitters and trainers.

  • San Francisco City & County Business Registration Certificate #1042953

  • San Francisco FBN Business License: DBA Moxie Mutts

  • Kept up-to-date in the understanding of current & local pet care regulations, legislation, laws & city safety requirements by multiple pet care associations​ 

  • Strong work ethic; reliable, communicative, honest, trustworthy and​ dedicated to fun & enthusiastic pet care !

      Moxie Mutts

​The happiest pups are trained !

 Personal, Professional & Playful Pet Care

About Me:


I am a licensed, certified and insured dog trainer in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  I have been working with dogs in the Bay Area since 2005 and am passionate about the work I do because I love animals & know what an essential part of the family they are.  I know it is not a decision that is made lightly when you choose to put your cherished family member in someone else’s hands, which is why I treat every single pet I care for as if they were my own, & sincerely love what I do.  


I practice positive reinforcement (R+) training techniques exclusively, using established, proven, science-based methods to establish and strengthen desired behaviors while ensuring dogs stay happy, engaged & eager to learn.  Correctional tools & aversive methods of any kind are not a part of my program: I believe that building a good relationship with your dog and keeping her happy, healthy and feeling secure and loved is a much better way to achieve desired behaviors.

I also rely heavily on Applied Ethology and the vital connections between genetics, learning and environment to answer some of the sometimes seemingly unanswerable questions about why certain behaviors are occurring in the first place.  An evaluation of your dog's specific breed tendencies, combined with essential information that only you can provide about her individual personality an mannerisms, ensure that training methods will work with and not against your dog's natural instincts.     


Communication with clients is paramount to my operations: I share your pups' experiences via text, video, email & specialized apps to ensure that you are not only aware of her progress, but can duplicate appropriate training methods, timing and mechanics to keep her newly learned abilities going strong long after I'm gone.

I have experience with dogs of all ages, sizes & temperaments, & if I'm not able to fulfill your specific needs, I can put you in touch with someone who can.  You can fill out the Contact Form for general inquiries, or schedule a 15-minute phone call to determine if training is right for you. 

​Thanks for stopping by... I hope to hear from you !