Moxie Mutts

I am a licensed, certified & fully insured full time dog walker & pet sitter in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  I have been working with all kinds of pets in the Bay Area since 2007 and am passionate about the work I do because I LOVE animals & know what an essential part of the family they are.  I know it is not a decision that is made lightly when you choose to put your cherished family member in someone else’s hands, which is why I treat every single pet I care for as if they were my own.  

I have a natural rapport with dogs, and I have yet to meet a dog that I didn’t adore & vice-versa, which is a pretty good gift to have been given in this world.  I practice only positive reinforcement (R+) involving lots of treats & praise, & a mutual running each other ragged; I am very exercise-oriented and absolutely love my job of taking pups out on a regular basis to frolic in the park, at the beach or on local trails.  Running, walking, chasing balls, playing, wrestling & friendly romps ~ these activities that mutts love & never get enough of are my priorities and I don’t feel like I’m doing my job unless we’re all exhausted & happy. I am also working towards becoming a trainer, so all of my walks include regular & consistent training techniques that I will share with you to maintain & sustain good behavior both out & about & in the home.

If you're going out of town & prefer to have your pet remain in their happy place, I'm able to stay in your home with your pet while you're away, & give them the doting & loving attention you always want them to have, even when you’re not there.  If you need reasonably priced & reliable pet care - please contact me & let's set up a meet!

About Me:

 Personal & Professional Pet Care

Spoil your pets while you're away!


  • Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting since 2007, specializing in exercise adventures, including regular hikes, beach excursions, dog park socialization, ongoing training and good old fashioned walks & cuddles

  • Dog Behavior Certification from DogTec Walking Academy:  the nation's most comprehensive training organization for dog walkers.

  • Animal Care Certification from NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) focusing on advanced pet care, pack mentality & pet psychology

  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Certified: Part of DogTec certification, & a top tier course.

  • PetTech: Pet First Aid & CPR Certification: The premier international training center dedicated to  CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs, cats and domestic pets. 

  • Comprehensive Pet Liability Insurance to cover any kind of accident or mishap, regardless of fault, from PSA (Pet Sitters Association)

  • Member of PUPS (Professional United Pet Sitters LLC)

  • ​Member of ProDog San Francisco: The leading advocacy and membership organization for San Francisco Bay Area professional dog walkers, sitters and trainers.

  • San Francisco City & County Business Registration Certificate #1042953

  • San Francisco FBN Business License: Moxie Mutts

  • Multiple pet care associations provide me with up-to-date understanding of current & local pet care regulations, legislation, laws & city safety requirements

  • Strong work ethic; highly organized; reliable, communicative, honest, trustworthy and​ dedicated to fun & enthusiastic dog & pet care: I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my time

Walks, Wags & Workouts!